August 19, 2009

Barbara Stok

My good friendBarbara Stok has won de Stripschapsprijs, the annual award for the
best Dutch comic artist! She is also the FIRST female comic artist to win this prize!
I met Barbara 14 years ago when she just started drawing comics, when female comic
artists were still rare in Holland and our simplified drawing styles weren't that appreciated.
How times can change...

Here she drew me in one of her comics. This is the ending of a little story, in which she
complains about her financial situation while I complain about being stressed from too
much work. In the end we say goodbye and Barbara is wishing that she had more
assignments like me, and I'm wishing that I had more spare time like her.

Recently Barbara was hit hard by the recession and lost her 'job' at 'Het Dagblad van het
Noorden (Newspaper of the North) . But now that she won this big award, a fellow cartoonist
wrote a protest letter, trying to get Barbara back. I really hope the award will make them
change their mind, but her case is also a protest to all media who decide to kick out the
cartoonists, illustrators and comicartists first when they need to cut costs.

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