August 17, 2009

Love a president!

"I am a little the translation of the Dutch to English with such an online translation machine, and wow, I am simply my own engrish!"

I am going to try something new: I will translate this English phrase to another language, then again to another, and so on and on. Then finally I translate it back to English and see what it turned into and how much it has changed. Let the fun begin! :

"At there English did what later resemble instead of model brings other time second day is early from day. You are made think in the states a result is English backward. A point sentence first please the team holds exempt from the taxes."

Okay, that was crap! Let us now try something simple:
My name is Maaike. How are you today?

"You are finished recently load a hope. Possible one you do not regress some recently an island. Love a president. "

edit: Of course someone else thought about this before... (click)
'How are you today?' didn't turn into 'love a president' but it did get very poetic:

Yes, I feel very much, thank you!

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