September 29, 2009


A banner that's now floating around on internet.

The makers probably don't score that well on an IQ test either....


  1. I don't get it?
    You might think that the green dots in the red circle show the number 71... but if you look closely it actually shows the number 74. And the number 74 is one of the answers...

    For the people who can't see it: the second number is a 4. You actually see a 1 in a dark green colour, but the rest of the number is in a different shade of green. Thus showing a 4 in stead of a 1.

  2. But 71 is not listed as one of the answers.
    And even so, what does this have to do with intelligence? This is seems to be more about looking closely and having good eye sight.

  3. It has nothing to do with intelligence. It's called the Ishihara test:

  4. Yes, that's the whole point of my post. This is a test for colourblindness. But it advertises an IQ test.