October 29, 2009

I like strange things.

Have some beer flavoured tea (tasted like lemonade actually....) and point
at what you want to eat and the cook prepares it for you.
You want frogs or sea cucumber?

Wig shop in Taipei.

My new hobby: Japanese bath salts!
Japanese love to take baths to relax, and they love gadgets. So these two combined
bring us the weirdest bath salts:
You have bath balls with a little toy inside (surprise!), bath salts with lovely smells
for special occassions (romance?) and just plain weird bathsalts, often with food or
beverages as a theme. Every night I try out another one!

So far I've had a pink champagne and cheesecake bath, but this was one of the strangest:
Unfortunately also one of the most disappointing; It turned the water slightly yellow
(ehm... yeah.... lovely....) and didn't smell like anything, or maybe a little bit like soap.
No toy of a naked Indian guy and no curry smell either. (But maybe I should've TASTED it!)


  1. curry's pronunciation is same sound of word "gorgeous".

    "honey smell"...I dont know why...


  2. Hello Michiko! How are you? Thanks for the explanation! I don't think the man is very gorgeous, haha!