November 12, 2009

All this for ¥3600 + tax

If I could visit only ONE shop in Japan, it would be the 100 Yen shop.
Imagine a large store filled with things for in and around the house, but
they're all Japanese and you find the most normal and most crazy things
there. And best part of it all; everything costs 100 Yen (around €0,75)
I could spend all day there if I wanted.

Today was the first day I had to chance to visit one, and this was my haul.
There's crazy bathsalt, strange candy, decorated tape, and this:

How could I've lived so long without a special finger mitten with a face
to clean the sides of my nose and ear?!


  1. maaike, ik vertrek a.s. maandag met mijn zus naar Tokyo en ik kan nu al niet wachten om al die gekke dingen zelf te zien!(en te kopen natuurlijk). een neuswashandje, heerlijk!

  2. In Tokyo you can find even more crazy gadgets than in Nagasaki (go to Akihabara)! Have a great time there, I'll be going to Tokyo after visiting Osaka.
    Oh, and I asked our Japanese friend Eriko about the nose/ear mittens and to her it sounded a bit crazy as well.