August 30, 2010

Playing with my food

I had been browsing through the lovely blog from Anna The Red about decorated bento
(Japanese lunch box) and when I saw a tutorial for mushrooms made from radish, I just had
to try and make them myself. And then decided to make a whole charaben (character bento)
style dinner!
I didn't have any plan when I started (besides the mushrooms), and I ended up with this.

Some kind of ehm... monster? Insect? My subconscious must have a creepy side.

The ingredients are rice, radish, avocado, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, a pickle, sardines,
pickled haring (rolmops), and little bit nori (seaweed). Topped with wasabi flavoured sesame
seeds and soy sauce mixed with wasabi and vinegar.
And it was really delicious if I say so myself! Rolmops tastes so good with Japanese food!

My mushrooms weren't as pretty by far as the ones from Anna The Red but I guess practice makes
perfect. In retrospect they looked kinda weird anyway next to the monster.

For some reason my boyfriend and I ate the head last and both ended up with the eye.

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