September 21, 2010

No ants

So I was asked to design the cover of a funny book about a woman who reincarnates as an ant
and has to climb up the animal-reincarnation ladder to get back to her family. She gets help
from a reincarnated cat and meets Buddha as a guinea pig.
But today I heard that the publisher decided not to continue working with me... :-(
Apparently the ideas that each of us has about the style of the cover are too far apart.

It's a shame because I started this project with a lot of enthousiasm and made many sketches
in different styles.

These 'sketches' were my personal favorites. Very different but I like them both.
It's sad that they'll never be used.

Oh well, there's always karma. ;-)


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  2. Oh poo, wat jammer :( Ik vind degene linkboven het mooiste. Maar soms is het lastig om erachter te komen wat de klant nou precies wil of in zijn/haar hoofd heeft.

  3. Beautiful as ever. Some people just don't have taste.

  4. echt jammer! maar gewoon bewaren, wie weet kun je het nog eens ergens anders voor gebruiken!

  5. Denk niet dat het ooit nog ergens anders voor gebruikt kan worden, maar dat geeft niet, ik bedenk wel weer wat nieuws. Maar bedankt allemaal! :-)