October 3, 2010

Japan at home

Around this time of the year I start to miss Japan, so here are some pics from my last trip.

This was a traditional house where we stayed for a few days.

Inside. The 'window' in the sliding door didn't leave much light in.

The friends we stayed with were so nice, they had put some snacks and fruit
on the kotatsu (low table).

So let's take a bite. Wait... what?!

He yeah, that wasn't in Japan, it's in my own bookcase! It's the latest room I built
for my dolls! ;-)
It's all built from foamboard and printed paper. The miniatures are from ReMent,
a Japanese company that produces dollsize items for collectors.


  1. Wauw, geweldig gedaan!


  2. Thank you! :-D
    Oh, and Kanae, I used the ukiyo-e you gave us for the wall! (see last pic at the far left).

  3. Hee Maaike,
    Ik heb ook een poppenhuissetje gekocht in Japan! Ik zal foto's meenemen (van de doos want ik heb er nog niks mee gedaan).


  4. Ohja, ik zag al fotootjes op FB! Dit is wel 1:6 schaal trouwens, niet poppenhuis formaat. Heb je niet van die kleine verzamelaars doosjes met miniatuurtjes gekocht? (soort kindersurprise eitjes maar dan als doosje en voor volwassenen)