May 25, 2011

Budapest day 4

Of course, after that night of partying I paid the price....

So what was this workshop about? Basically just a bunch of comicartists coming together and
drawing a page on the spot in a few hours time. The theme was Elvis, because at the time he
had just been declared an honorary citizen of Budapest (I kid you not!).

Everybody chose an Elvis song as the title of their comic and had to come up with a story about the
King. After a few hours of drawing in the sun all comics were collected and immediately went to the
printer to be turned into a wonderful limited edition comicbook! Joost Swarte designed the cover.
Here's a bigger version of my Heartbreak Hotel comic (click).
Can you spot all the letters?

And for you comic lovers, here's a bigger pic (click) of all the artists that cooperated.

To be continued...

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