December 1, 2011

My Asian souvenirs

Maybe it was because I've visited Japan and Korea some times before, but this time I hardly
had any interest in picking up regular souvenirs. Instead I started buying art supplies...

It started with art markers. I use these for my work (drawing 'live' cartoons) and they're
quite expensive, but a bit cheaper in Asia.

Then I got craft tape... Oh, how I love the Japanese 'washi' masking tape! I also scored some
cheap fabric tape and other decorative tapes.

And then I got paper... paper.... and more paper! I still don't know what I'm going to use
these for, but I'm sure I'll find something.

The Japanese have wonderfully decorated origami paper.

But the Koreans are even more advanced in fabricating gorgeous paper (and they had an
even bigger collection of origami paper).


  1. "I'm sure I'll find something to use these for"... :D

  2. Hee, word jij mijn persoonlijke corrector? Dat had ik juist geschrapt omdat ik dan twee keer 'use' zou gebruiken.

  3. Oh nee ik zag alleen de gecorrigeerde versie. Ik moest lachen om de herkenbaarheid van de situatie (net al mijn scrapbook- en origamipapier naar schoonmoeder verscheept die het WEL gebruikt).

  4. Oooh nu snap ik het, sorry! Maar wat?! Je hebt alles weggedaan??? Ik weet zeker dat ik nog wel iets bedenk om al dat mooie papier voor te gebruiken! (vraag je papier maar terug aan je schoonmoeder)