March 16, 2013

Monkey business

One of my colleagues got an assignment for a comic this week. 
Though well, assignment... There was a tight budget so she was 
asked to work for free!
Somehow it didn't occur to them to ask the printer or designer to 
work for free. After all, those are REAL jobs and drawing is just 
a fun hobby, right?! :-/

So here's an answer you can tell your 'clients' 
when they ask for freebies!

And hopefully then one day:
(feel free to share these pics! :-) )

And while I'm on this subject;
I made a Facebook page for my new book-in-process 
'Tekeningen Rekeningen'.
I'll use this page to share new comic pages and would 
love to get your comments, ideas and advice as well!
Come visit and 'like'!  
(but sorry, for the moment it's only in Dutch)

1 comment:

  1. Kende ik jou 25 jaar geleden maar! Je verbeeldt zó uitstekend wat er (nog steeds) mis is, dat het tij ooit wel eens moet keren.
    Je toegewijde fan, Magda