February 7, 2014

Comic festival Angoulême 2014 - part 2

After an agonizing trip we finally arrived in Angoulême. The next day the big
comic festival would start, and I had to hurry to keep my diary up to date!
We were with a large group of Dutchies there to design posters in the spirit of 
guest-of-honour comic artist Willem. The posters were going to be printed
right away on a mobile screen printers installation, and distributed all over town!
The poster I designed… in French!

And that just happened the first day! 
To be continued…

Want to read/see more about the project? http://www.labedeestdanslarue.com

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  1. Ik weet niet hoe je het doet, maar Henk Kuijpers lijkt zo verschrikkelijk likeable... en dat in slechts twee panels! (Nu hoop ik dat hij ook echt aardig was :D)