November 10, 2014

Two new photo illustrations

I haven't yet shown you these two illustrations I made for magazine Factor15.
For both I used my photo-illustration technique. I love this style but I don't have many
opportunities to use it, and it's very time-consuming.
Funny enough both illustrations were about bad divorces.

The first article I had to illustrate focused on the influence this has on the children involved.

Everything is made from paper and cardboard and photographed on a glass table.
Then the 2nd article was about parents (ab)using their children in the divorce battle, and
before starting papercutting, I made this sketch:

(The little boys were supposed to be identical copies in the photo)
I really liked my sketch, but unfortunately it was turned down because the contents of the
article had changed in the meantime (yeah...) and now the article focused more on all the
(official) help that was available for the children.
So this was my new idea, a rooster and chicken fighting, and an egg, protected in a nest.
The egg is real by the way, but the feathers and everything else is made from paper.
I was really happy with how this last illustration turned out!

Both illustrations in print.


  1. Ze zijn prachtig! De tijd die je daar in gestopt hebt, is zeker de moeite waard geweest.
    En leuk weer een blogpost van je te zien.

  2. Ha Maaike, leuk om ook je andere tekenstijlen naast je bekende cartoonstijl te zien. De foto-illustraties zijn erg mooi en hebben een meer poƫtische kant. Kleine kanttekening: de schaduw van het ruziƫnde paar heeft een rare spiegeling, net of het licht van 2 plekken tegelijk vandaan komt?

  3. Dank jullie wel!
    En Sanne, ah ja, je hebt gelijk, ik had twee lampen gebruikt, een om het meisje te verlichten en een sterker spotlichtje om de schaduwen te projecteren. De reflectie van dat licht op het vel papier erachter is daardoor misschien te sterk geworden...

  4. Your technique is certainly unique, Maaike. I'm blown away by your creative style, and I definitely believe you're one to make it far in the field of arts. I'm sure the editors of that magazine found it pleasurable to work with you and your creativity. I'm always amazed by creatives like you. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you and your artistic business! :)

    Lisa Thompson @ Controlled Color, Inc.