January 20, 2010

Snow and darkness

All the snow is gone and I miss it...

So here's a pic I made last week with some weird snowball animal.

Meanwhile I've been really busy with work and books.

Here's a sneak preview of the cover of my next book about my trip to South Africa.
The title will be 'Donker' (=Dark) and it will be released in June by Oog&Blik/De Bezige Bij.

And there's more news; Remember the photoshoot I did with my drawings?
The photo itself turned out so nice that they want to put it on the Dutch promotion
poster for Ficomic! I'll be hanging all over Barcelona in May!
However, they chose a photo where my face is covered by my hair and arms, so no
one will recognise me. :-P I hope to attend the festival as well.


  1. Greetings Maaike, From a Hartjes in America...

  2. There are Hartjes in America?! It's an uncommon name, even in Holland! :-D