March 28, 2010

Tatami air

This is an ad for an air freshener with the smell of tatami (Japanese straw mats).
The text says 'Discover the fragrance of Japan Tatami. Fragrances from nature, inspired by the world'.

I saw it in a shop shortly after we came back from Japan and burst out in laughter.
Because tatami SMELL! They stink! Why would you want that in your house?! We crazy Westerners....


  1. I actually found this page LOOKING for a tatami air freshener. I like the smell as long as they have been aired properly... its a seagrass/hay smell that I find comforting. I guess its like popcorn... some people love the smell, others can't stand it.

  2. I get it, but I think that to most Japanese people this is just ridiculous. Like having an air freshener that brings you the smell of wet paint.