March 27, 2010

Making of

I thought it might be interesting to show the proces of an illustration I made recently,
and that needed a lot of sketches.

It was for an article about handicapped people who apply for a job. They might not
want to put too much attention to their handicap, but on the other hand, there are also
certain benefits for a company who hires disabled people.

My first sketch, a woman with a 'shadow', while the company that hires her is already
'comforted' by nice cuddly benefits.
It was turned down because they didn't understand it.

Next sketch, now from the solicitor's point of view, who is being encouraged to
apply for a job by the 'benefits'.
Turned down because they wanted a confident looking woman without a stick. I
added the stick to make it visually clear that the woman was handicapped, but since
the magazine was all about disabled people, I could remove it.

This sketch was approved, except that they thought it was too stereotypical, I had
to change the genders.

So okay, I then drew the final illustration with a man, but somehow I wasn't happy
with it. All that sketching made my style move towards realism and I thought the
drawing was boring.

So I redid the whole thing and this is the final with added colour.

As you can see I'm not a person who makes very detailed sketches, I usually
start drawing right away and if I make a mistake I just draw it all over again.
I think it gets a certain energy in the drawing, and it also keeps things
interesting for me. I don't like to do things twice in the exact same way.

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