April 10, 2010

¡Hola Holanda!

I didn't have time to update this blog because I've been so busy
with the designs for FICOMIC, a comicfestival in Barcelona, Spain.
Holland is the special guest there, and because they chose my
photo for the poster
, I also got to design the logo and flyer.

The logo in two languages, Catalan (left) and Spanish (right).
The text says 'the fun of drawing'.

My angel with the finished flyer, with part of the poster on the cover.
The flyer is actually the poster, fold twice. Inside there's information
in the shape of a comic strip.

And they're going to use my logo also for t-shirts! :-D

You can read more about the Dutchies in Barcelona on this blog.

For the flyer and poster I got help from Ruben Steeman from buro RuSt.
It apparently inspired him to make a drawing of me with angel wings!

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