August 25, 2010

The jobs of a Zoolands keeper

So what else did I do at Zoolands? I decorated animal hats!

Here are some of the hats I made with spraypaint and textile markers.
And that's me and my friend and comic-colleague Flo wearing our hats.
(They all sold!)

And we had a penguin rock! Visitors could 'feed' (knock over) the penguins with
fishes. But all that fish throwing made the paint come off, and they were red
underneath.... Bloody penguin massacre!

So one of the odd jobs I did as a Zoolands keeper, was... repairing the penguins!

And the penguins were so loved that visitors secretly took them home.
So we quickly turned some Coke bottles into penguins.
(idea from Shamrock and Borinka)

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