August 23, 2010

Monkeys in the zoo!

Last weekend I was at Lowlands, at the Zoolands stand!

The stand was set up by the wonderful Mr.Motley crew (an art magazine)
in collaboration with comicartist group Lamelos and their comicartist friends.

This year's theme was 'zoo'. My Wonderfrog stands in front of a sign
that I made.

We made special colouring pictures that festival visitors could colour.
As you can see some took this very seriously!
I made the picture at the left, and people could draw their own animal
in it and fill in the balloons. *Click here for a few results*

And yes.... they DID put me in a monkey suit!

This is the 'drawing monkey', made by Jeroen Funke from Lamelos.
The monkey took drawing requests from the audience and drew with ALL his legs!
I also got the honour of being his lower legs.
And yeah, that pink thing there below is what you think it is. ;-)

*More pics coming*


  1. Looks Awesome Maaike!
    And the weather even looks nice :)

  2. whahahaha briljant! wat geweldig gaaf! (doet me denken aan het liedje van kinderen voor kinderen - de kerstezel waarbij de zanger van het lidje de achterkant moet zijn..)