December 7, 2010


So today I drew cartoons at TEDxAmsterdamWomen.
I made 22 cartoons during the whole day, because all the talks were so interesting! :-)
I hope these cartoons give an impression of all the different presentations. You can learn more
about all the talks, TEDxWomen and the speakers at their site:
I drew on big sized paper and then took photos, so sorry for the mediocre quality of the pics.
Oh, and here's a TED blogpost about the asphalt talk that I illustrated for Niki Kringos (who
did a wonderful job on the presentation itself.)

Oh, and yeah, these drawings are all copyright protected. Contact me if you're interested in my work. Thanks!

The real Lavinia Meijer (a harp player) with her cartoon, that she took home.


  1. I love your live drawings! They could cleverly sum up the points!

  2. Your caricature about a "women network" reminds me of a scene from a Turkish movie.

    The movie, "Salvar Davasi" (The Pantalettes Case), is about a single woman who moves to a conservative village where she encounters problems with domestic violence and sexual harassment. She tries to emancipate the local female population by making them aware of, for example, contraception devices. However, those attempts fail, so she comes up with some sort of alarm system with which the women can call for help whenever they feel harrassed by their husbands. You can watch this scene here:

    It starts around 1min02sec and lasts till around 4min0sec.

  3. Heel cool! Nu maar hopen dat alle filmpjes straks ook te zien zijn op de website! Ik heb wat inspiratie nodig!

  4. Wow, geweldig om de inspirerende dag van gisteren opnieuw te beleven. Dank!

  5. Dank Maaike, het is geweldig; als je door alle plaatjes scrollt, komt de hele dag weer aan je voorbij! Ik zeg: 22 pictures say as much as a whole day TEDxWomen (vrij naar Reinier vd Aart!)

    Judith Chin Kwie Joe

  6. Ik ben een beetje jaloers dat je bij een TED bijeenkomst mocht tekenen, Maaike. Ik ben al jaren een TEDfan, Heb de filmpjes altijd op mijn telefoon voor de dode momenten, en heb toen ze in Amsterdam begonnen, mezelf proberen te pluggen, maar kreeg geen gehoor, tot nog toe.

    Mooi gedaan!
    Peter Koch

  7. Dank jullie wel allemaal!
    @Peter Jaaaa, ik wil ook wel naar grote TED, nu zat Jean Marc er. En dit was natuurlijk kleiner dan de echte TEDxAmsterdam, maar het was erg leuk om te doen. :-)