December 5, 2010

We love ASPHALT!

I don't even own a car but now I know everything about asphalt....
.....and soon you will too!
Because Niki Kringos will do a talk on the upcoming TEDXAmsterdamWomen event
this Tuesday and I designed her complete Powerpoint presentation!

I'll also be present at the event to draw live cartoons about all the other talks
UPDATE: I just heard that TED does plan to film/photograph my cartoons during the day
and put them online. So keep an eye on the website today:

I decided to collaborate with TED because I hope to show what a difference cartoons
can make in a presentation. Most powerpoint slides are filled with boring words in
bullet points and generic stock photos. I hope my drawings will leave a longer lasting
impression and make it all more fun as well. :-)


  1. De tekeningen zijn super, ik weet zeker dat het de presentatie beter/duidelijker maakt.

  2. wat een leuke, grappige (en ook wel schattige) tekeningen!

  3. Great presentation, can you send it to me?

  4. It's on YouTube;

  5. Yes thanks, I've seen, but you have it in ppt or pdf?

  6. Ummmm…. why? You know this is copyrighted material, do you?

  7. I do asphalt classes and found them very practical pictures to show to my students, but if you can not do not worry...

  8. Ah yeah sorry. Like I said, the material is copyrighted and not intended for further use. Niki Kringos owns the information, I own the pictures.

  9. OK, thank you very much. Congratulations for your work is fantastic... and I also Love Asphalt!!!