November 26, 2012

Communicatie NU

This was an interesting assignment; I was asked to make some illustrations for a
magazine about communication. There was a catch; The client was apparently
quite stern; They'd already hired TWO other illustrators for the job and turned down
their work! A bit anxious I started sketching but to my surprise they immediately
approved my sketches and were very happy with the finals!

(Text:"Everything's fine! Nothing to worry about! Er... I mean... NO COMMENT!")
I tried a different colouring technique with scanned paper pages and am personally
pleased with the results myself. :-)

(Text: Anne, because I'm worth it! / Refreshing communication, Anne / Oh wow! 
Is that Anne?! Anne THE communication expert?!")
This illustration was about self promotion.
Anne is actually a good friend of mine who works in communication! ;-)

This illustration was about the new way of communication in advertising.
If you're interested in the wonderful world of communication; the 'magazine'
(it's actually so thick that it's more a book) called 'Communicatie NU' is on sale
online. (click here)


  1. Dank je wel, Petra! :-D Ik wou dat ik dit vaker kon doen!

  2. Strak! Werk je tegenwoordig (of misschien al lang) helemaal digitaal?

  3. Nee, ik teken nog steeds gewoon op papier, hoor! Alleen bewerking en inkleuring zijn digitaal. Ik zet mijn lijnen met de hand zo strak, nouja, de kaarsrechte kregen hulp van een liniaal.