February 10, 2013

Happy snake year!

Happy Chinese new year everybody!
It was really hard to come up with a good idea for this year (too many snakes in the shape of 2013
and such), so I'm a little proud to have found a more original idea.

And I'm sorry for neglecting this blog. I've had way too much work (2012 was crazy) but there's
not much I can show you (I'm mostly drawing top secret business plans).

Latest news; I probably won't be attending Pictoplasma this year, so no new comic diary. But I do
have another trip to Germany planned in Spring, so who knows...
I'm working on my illustration business comic book again, it's slowly taking shape. And I plan to
update my official website (it's about time) but for the moment I'm way too busy with assignments.
Yeah, I know, luxury problems!


  1. Love the snake! (*tapping your shoulder ;))

  2. What a sweet nod to Le Petit Prince :-)

  3. Thank you both! :-D
    And Leonieke, good point! The Little Prince snake/hat did cross my mind while I was sketching, though I didn't intentionally put a reference in there.