April 9, 2013

Germany trip #5

My traveldiary continues with more notes from lectures:
Comics from Allan Haverholm (based on my comic), Gregor Hinz (lion) and 
Mari Ahokoivu (hair).

This comic from Gregor Hinz from Germany was the comic I had to 'redraw'. Our assignment
was to draw an interpretation of the comic without using any words. 
This story is about a boy finding an astronaut on the street, keeping him in a shed for a few days, 
and when the 'astronaut' still hasn't moved, he opens his suit and amber comes out!?!?!

I thought the story could either be just the boy's imagination (based on a Playmobil toy), it could 
be real (with the 'astronaut' being a dead motorcyclist), or it could be surreal (with an alien). 
So I tried to incorporate all three explanations into one comic:
More comics to come! 

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