August 2, 2010

Paper toys!

I'm currently working on my page for a bookproject called 'Mooi is dat!'. It's going to be a
collection of highlights of Dutch/Belgian literature, each boiled down to a 1 page comic.
My book is not a book but a poem; 'Boem Paukeslag!' from Paul van Ostaijen.

First I studied Dada art and made a zillion sketches but I wasn't happy with the style. With
an experimental poem like this I wanted something that looked more special.

So then I decided to not DRAW it but to BUILD it from paper in 3D! Here's a preview.
It's taking way too much time but it's really fun to make. I love it that I get paid for
playing with paper!


  1. Wauw, gaaf gedicht om iets mee te mogen doen! Succes, ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

  2. Wauw! Wat een ontzettend leuke mogelijkheid! Succes en vooral veel plezier ermee!