July 23, 2011

More decorated boxes

Again I decorated some boxes as presents for friends, this time I started painting on wood.

Work in progress. I worked on all four at once.

The final results!
I'm really happy with how they turned out! I'm thinking about making more to sell, but
since they each take me about an hour to make, I'm not sure if it's worth it...

My personal favorite. ( I almost didn't want to give it away! ;-) )

But I got a self-made present back as well! This super cute felt keyring was made by my
friend Nerderella.
(Sometimes she's selling her creations in her Etsy shop!)


  1. They turned out so well Maaike! Despite the small workspace you were still able to place a lot of detail in the paintings. I love my bunny box (^_^)

  2. Thank you both! And I'm happy that you like them, I miss them a bit! ;-)

  3. Wow, leuk! En dat op zo'n klein oppervlak :)

  4. I'll cherish my red riding hood kitty box for ever :D! ( Robin was so impressed with it he had to show it to Robert, who thought it was super awesome too!)
    Thank you so much for the lovely gift Maaike :D