July 29, 2011


I saw a lot of my work in print today! Firstly this book arrived! It's the thesis of Jasmijn Rana
who did research about kickboxing Moroccan girls. It turned into a big project under the name
of Chicks, Kicks & Glory, with a comic exhibition, dance performances* and now a book!

I drew a story about Nadia, who dreams of ballet but finally founds out that kickboxing has
that girly pink side as well. I enjoyed working in a more realistic and collage style.

Then I got these papers from my publisher, who promoted my books on a book fair in China!
So is this how my name is written in Chinese??!

Then I went to the supermarket and bumped into this big display with my illustration on it!

My boyfriend's hand was so proud to see the result of his first model job! ;-)

*) The Chicks, Kicks & Glory exhibition and dance performance can be seen on De Parade
in Amsterdam from August 5th to 9th.


  1. Mag ik Marks inzet een 'hand job' noemen of hadden jullie die grap allang zelf bedacht?
    Anne. PS ik snap dat 'select a profile' niet. Dan maar 'annenymous'.

  2. Haha, dat mag maar het is wel een beetje erg flauw... ;-P

  3. ..............Oh! Misschien heb je die scan toch niet meer nodig (maar het kan nog steeds hoor). XD