April 5, 2012

London felt trip

Last month I had to go to London for work and took a little friend with me...

He enjoyed the flight.

The trip continued in the underground.

We did some sightseeing at Somerset House.

There was a graphic art festival going on there...

And my little friend enjoyed the artworks. Look, there's the queen!

Then on to a small toy museum...

But the other toys didn't seem to like him....

...or scared him!

Off we go then!

...to spend a few relaxing hours in a little park, before we had to fly back again.


  1. This reminds me of the travelling gnome in Amelie :-)

  2. @jasmijn Ah yes, you're very right. But since a few years it's become pretty normal for people to take toys with them to photograph.

  3. So cuuuteeeeee! Love the little scarf and mini camera!

  4. Thank you! The scarf is just a piece of cloth. The camera comes from my doll collection, it was the perfect size for my rabbit!