June 28, 2012

Work work work!

I didn't manage to update this blog in a while because after a few slow months I suddenly
got swamped in work!

This is what usually happens when I'm hired to draw at a business event (yeah, count them,
that many!) The past weeks I've drawn a LOT of cartoons for a lot of clients!
Here are some samples;

And then I've also been working on another photo illustration for Factor15 magazine;
This was what my table looked like! Illustrating can be a weird thing...

I can't show you the result yet until it's published so here's a detail of the final pic.

And then finally I had to make a huge illustration for company Ziggo. It describes internal
processes in a visual way. That's also why I can only show you a tiny (censored) pic and a
detail. Nobody is supposed to know yet that Ziggo is starting a boat company! ;-)

The coming week I'll be drawing cartoons at business events practically non-stop, and I
also have to make a comic that explains an important change in the copyright law and a
pile of cartoons about innovative ways of learning.
I hear some people mention a thing called holiday but I'm not sure what it is... ;-)


  1. cool stuff (really like that shadow effect in the photo illustration) and good luck the coming weeks!

  2. Dank je wel! Maar ik gok erop dat het daarna wel weer wat rustiger wordt, en ik zal niet klagen hoor! Lekker veel en leuk werk! :-)