January 7, 2012

3D coffee

After giving away my 3D dragon I thought I should show you another photo illustration I made.
It was for the magazine Factor 15 (previously I made this and this illustration for them) and it
was for an article about a report on the quality of coffee at work.

After some thinking I came up with this idea; A talent show for coffee, with a hint towards
Idols and the X-factor. In English-English it's of course 'flavoUr' but because of the likeness
with 'factor' I deliberately chose the American spelling.

The sketch was approved and I started building a set. First I did a test to see if the lighting and
composition would work, then I painted the background, gave the cups faces, brew some bad
coffee and started shooting!

And here's the final result! (The steam from the hot coffee was added digitally.)
I had to change the viewpoint because the magazine wanted an 'upright' illustration to put
on a whole page. I also made a smaller illustration for the next page.

The illustrations in print.


  1. Mijn handen gaan helemaal kriebelen bij zoveel knutselplezier. En in zo'n tijdschrift ziet het er gelijk super uit.
    Inspirerend om te lezen hoe je dit allemaal doet.

  2. Dank je wel! Het is een nogal tijdrovende manier van werken, maar ik vind het ook hartstikke leuk om te doen!

  3. Ahh da's nou een leuke opdracht, en echt goed gedaan! Nu ben ik wel erg benieuwd naar dat artikel...

  4. Dank jullie wel! :-D
    En ha leuk dat mijn illustratie dat oproept, Tze Ting!

  5. Ah dat zielige bekertje... ;)

  6. Hihihi, er zit ook hele slappe koffie in! ;-)